Dongguan Mozheng Professional Security Inspection Machine for you to Explain The Image Recognition Methods?


In order to protect everyone's safety, security check machines are used in many occasions. Common places include railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, and airports. What are the methods for identifying images of security cameras? How do you know that some items are dangerous? The following is a simple positive security inspection machine and it is simple to introduce to you.

1. Restoration judgment method: The items in the baggage may be different in appearance due to the placed viewpoints, causing the object to have a different shape under the X-ray image, or even deformed, and recover the shape by the restoration judgment method.

  2, image monitoring method: is to identify the object through the x-ray fluoroscopic image configuration, whether the item is suspicious depends mainly on the image on the monitor or the display, if it is uncommon or the foreign object may be considered suspicious, those can not If it is confirmed as a safe item, it needs to be carefully investigated, and the image can be positioned and analyzed as needed.


   3, structure judgment method: the general items have their own structure, after X-ray fluoroscopy, found that some should be no, this is not more, such as no battery inside the radio, no magnetic rod or no speaker should lead to Highly alert.

4. Analytic Hierarchy Process: When investigating images of overlapping objects, they can be overlapped by the margins of objects that are not overlapping. After analyzing the color and shape of the different levels, the original shape of the object is discriminated.

   5. Feature Discrimination: Any object has its specific external shape. The security personnel should keep in mind the shape characteristics of various objects on the monitor, and then determine what kind of items, such as facial cleanser and hair gel, appear the same color, but hair gel There is a launch button on it.

      The above is a method for image recognition of security inspection machines. At present, many security inspection machines are generally combined with a plurality of identification methods, so that the accuracy of the inspection is relatively high.