How to choose a high quality security machine manufacturer


The product market brand of machine of safety check X ray is numerous, many buyers see spent eye, not be to compare price to be after sale, look for one after another. How to purchase high quality security machines in the vast sea? In dongguan, torquay thinks it can be examined from the following five points:



  First: the company's establishment time is preferred.

  Those new sales companies need to be considered carefully because they do not yet have the capacity to take on high risk, and after-sales service is best, which remains to be tested. But it's not that the earlier the company is founded, the better, or the later the company is founded the better. (established in 2006 in dongguan)


  Case client priority.

  If a vendor can't provide a list of their users, it can be a complete indication of their lack of strength. If possible, it's best to let the seller provide a client case contract. Check whether the security equipment provided by the seller has a qualified inspection report or certificate, which is the quality of the product you want to buy, not including the relevant after-sales service.

How to choose a high quality security machine manufacturer


  Parameter priority.

  In the current market situation, no matter the size of electronic products, there is always the competition of parameters, such as the screen size of mobile products, camera pixels, chip multi-core, etc., which is a kind of parameter war that you catch up with me. In AnJianJi products industry, some leading manufacturer flaunt their products parameters, penetration is high, big cargo conveyor belt, from the perspective of the technology development, do it right, because the product technology is in a little bit of progress, but with these small parameter advantage to mislead consumers, this kind of behavior is not the whole industry is worth advocating.

  field trip or watch field test video.

  If possible, you need to go to the X-ray inspection equipment manufacturer for on-site inspection and testing. If you can't go to the X-ray inspection equipment manufacturer, don't forget to ask the seller to send their office video and product test video to you.

  How to choose a high quality security machine manufacturer

  Fifth: price preference.

Once a salesman asked the boss: "there is a small company in the market, their security and detection machine price is very low, how to do?" "If this company is so strong, why is it always a small company while we are big?" asks the boss. At the beginning of the establishment of small enterprises selling security and detection machines, low price became a basic marketing strategy, because of the need to survive, low price can bring some benefits to small enterprises, but this is not a long-term solution. Without the support of profit, which comes after - sales service and continuous innovation.



  Dongguan is aware that with rising production costs in China and the threat of more protectionist tariffs in more countries around the world, a growing number of private and provincial-level state-owned enterprises are embarking on foreign direct investment Tours that may be more inexperienced. These new foreign investors need professional tools to help them avoid common mistakes in foreign investments. In most cases, these investors do not hire outside m&a experts to help complete the deals until the end of the project. Before that, there were a lot of problems that often came up, causing the deal to fail.