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On May 27-28, the company participated in the "Wolf Molar" training camp of the 28th West Point Experience Education. The purpose of the "Wolf Molars" special training camp is to motivate employees, enhance their self-will, and improve their team's initiative. Collaborate with each other to increase corporate responsibility and honor, so as to achieve integrated corporate cohesion and enhance competitiveness. Company, right, special training camp



The subjects of the "Wolf Molars" special training camp are trained by individuals and group projects, from which the individual's will, perseverance, courage, self-confidence and team tacit understanding, interaction, coordination and complementarity are honed. Arrange for subject training

The temperature in these two days has reached more than 30°, and the personnel who can participate in the training have not called the tired and tired, the pattern is matched from strange to tacit understanding, mutual help and mutual encouragement, and complete all subjects!


After this training, I believe that in the future work, no matter what difficulties we face, we can all overcome together. Just as in the expansion, each of our teams is cohesive and challenge ourselves. Training, feeling, positive

The participants deeply understand the importance of teamwork in carrying out their tasks. Modern society is a highly interpersonal society. There are no heroic individuals, only heroic teams. Because of the careful design and coaching of the training program, the training program can make Each of us crosses some psychological barriers, and enables everyone to discover their infinite potential, and then go beyond, continuously improve their personal abilities and smelt the overall team, in order to cope with each other in the big competitive market. Pressures and challenges.