Why Install a Security Door?


Many people still don't know much about the role of security gates. Today, Dongguan Zhengzheng Electronic Security Gate tells us what problems will exist if there are no security gates.

First, it is a matter of order. Through a door, passengers can consciously queue up without having to organize and laboriously. This can save the manpower and material resources of the airport, and also allow passengers to register in a step-by-step manner without having to rush. If you make a mistake, it is easy to delay the boarding time.

Second, some passengers wear a visor to enter the security gate, uncover the hat, and hide a pet-torn inside; some passengers close their lips and pass the security check, ask him questions, he can't answer, originally, The old smoker wants to smoke before boarding the plane and hide the lighter in his mouth... Tens of thousands of air passengers pass through the security check every day, and the items they carry are also strange. The indication of the warning light can be used to perform a close-up inspection to find the metal source for use as a reference test.

Before the boarding pass, the main purpose is to ensure the safety of the aviation, while ensuring the safety of the passengers. The airport must conduct safety inspection. In this link, the security gate plays a very important role. Through the initial door value setting of the security door, the shape and weight of the metal are controlled. When the metal carried by the person passing through the security door exceeds the set weight, quantity or metal object shape, the pre-device data does not match. The security door alarm is triggered so that the security personnel can find the metal objects that the person carries with them in time.